Perfect in your own way 🌹

When the word perfection comes to you, what hits your mind first? The real definition? Or the most voted for definition?

Perfection is just a word that has a lot of meaning, but the most voted meaning is ruling the world right now. Why do you think some people want to gain or lose weight without the reason of staying fit? Because there is a structure that they want to achieve which will modify them to stick to the definition that the world has. When people discover that they have a certain flaw, they would try so hard to hide it from the world, you know why? Because it is a sign of weakness and that you have no qualifications to be defined as perfect by the world.

Stop doing something you don’t like! Stop trying to copy someone else, all that to impress the world. It’s okay to get less likes on your pictures on Facebook or instagram or Twitter etc but what is not okay is to do things in order to impress someone else. Don’t lose your self esteem on something that is so meagre or small. Embrace your flaws, that is who you are, not how the world outline who you are. My dear, you are perfect in your own way, and no one can change that.

You don’t have to change a thing, the world could change its heart

  • Alessia cara

Who says, who says you’re not perfect
I’m no beauty queen, I’m just beautiful me”

  • Selena Gomez

Chin up princess, or the crown slips

You too 🌹

To take a selfie or when a person volunteers to take one(of you), may be a horror. And this can be a lot of people (previously, I was also included).

When we look at the pictures of people who get a million likes, and we tend to admire them more. Self esteem leads to self confidence, so if it’s low, that means you have a low self confidence. Once you admire them, that’s the time your self esteem goes low. And this results to the fact that; you don’t value yourself anymore, because you think there are other people who have more value than you.

Value is not something you have like a trophy, it is more than that. Realizing that you matter is the Trophy, because then, you will only accept to be treated on how you value. Don’t let social media get a hold of you and control you. Success is for you too, as well as to be happy. Be bold and fight for what is yours, what sets your heart on fire. To gain back your self esteem is a journey, don’t worry you will get there.

“Never let an outsider tell you who you need to be”

  • Mwantum Mkwawa

Overthinking kills…

Mistakes are meant to be made, but they also stay there as a teacher to help us learn our mistakes. But do not confuse them as a reason for your failures.

We all have a past and we recall doing all the wrong things that we regret, especially now in our future. We wish we could turn back time to right our wrongs. Now is not the time to host a pity party, but to learn how we can stop dwelling in our past. Forgetting our past would be a wrong step to take when dealing on how to live in the present. Because once you try to forget it, it will come as a wave especially when you see someone doing the things that you did in your past and regretted it. Your past is supposed to act as your teacher on how to work upon those mistakes if they happen again.

Most of us love drinking alcohol, but do you remember the time you had a lot to drink and did something embarrassing? Now that is just a memory of what you did before, but now it act as a lesson for you to learn how to deal with that memory when it is about to repeat itself. When you overthink about that memory, it lowers your self esteem and that will lead to lowering down of your self respect. You did that mistake because it just had to happen or broke the rules because it had to happen, but don’t make it as if it is something to dwell on even if you are in your now; present. When you do that it kills your confidence to stand in front of other people.

Whatever happens to you always happens for a reason, so it is better to take it as a lesson. It is the time now to focus on how to deal with your past mistakes, make them a lesson that you learnt. Remember self love is a journey, you will get there yes, but first you have to agree to take the lessons you learnt from your past. You can’t live in the present without letting go of your past my dear.

Motivate yourself ❤

It is better to take precautions than to say “I wish I knew” and I am hoping that all of you are doing the same. But staying home for a long time makes you want to feel sorry for your self and lowers your self esteem. Introverts may say that they feel like this is the time to enjoy life to the fullest, but I say not.

This is the time to motivate yourself and be happy with your self. Do not let the media define you any more. Build your self esteem up. No one is looking at standards right now, or no one is expected to be into the system that was imposed by others as a definition of beauty.

Play with your make ups if you have to but don’t allow yourself to feel sorry for yourself. It is isolation but not self isolation, do not deny yourself the reason to smile and be happy. Right now is the perfect time to fight depression and keep your mental health on check, but not the time to isolate yourself from finding happiness. Yes, you may have nothing to do at the moment, it does not mean that you cannot train yourself to try new things. For example training at home like home workouts or do yoga or read a book or watch a documentary or develop a new thing etc, there are many videos on YouTube that you can tune in for your benefit.

Try to love enjoying things especially when you are by yourself. Push yourself to do things that will make you appreciate yourself even more, that will help you to be happier on your own even when there are no other people around you. Use this time to focus on your happiness, and trust me my dear; the vibrant energy that you will develop now, will make a lot of people want to hang out with you. You will be like a teacher to others to value themselves even more than to keep on wishing to be like someone else.

“Happiness starts from within and not outside”

  • Hellen Felix Kibodya

Why are you here?

When asked that question, most people don’t answer it correctly. They mistake why are you here  with what are you doing here. And because of that, most people fail to identify why are they at that level that they are in.

Why are you here?  Is a question that can’t be answered correctly. For instance people at university level (I am a student at university level), have crossed primary schools as well as high school and now they are in university level. If you ask them why are you in university level?  They might answer; To get that degree and  graduate and get a job.

That ideally do not answer the rhetorical question of why, but merely what. Why is answered by stating why are you studying what you are studying? Or why do you want that degree here in university? Most of the times students do not know how to answer that question, hence, they do not know why they are where they are.

For instance I do Bcom Law thus, I want to be a lawyer. The main question here is why do I  want to be a lawyer. The answer I give is to act as my motivation in becoming a lawyer.If you are going to say why you are in university level, it will act as a motivation to ensure that you pursue your what. Let it act as a motivation to you when you fail once or twice.

Dear my brothers and sisters, it doesn’t matter what level you are on. What matters is why are you on that level that you are on? And the answer to that, will then act as a motivation for you to accomplish the level that you are. In fact giving up won’t stand a chance with you once you answer your why part correctly, so don’t give up or give in to failure, challenges or rejection. Don’t let your mind make you believe that you are not enough for that level, you are enough it doesn’t matter how you feel like just know you are ENOUGH.

I stand here, in my greatness

I own my light,

I own my brilliance

I am bold, I am courageous

I am perfect, in my imperfection

This is my time, this is my time

I’m bright enough,

I’m old enough

I’m young enough,

I’ve experienced enough

I’m wise enough,

I understand that


-By Lisa Nichols

It starts on your mind

Being Free starts on the mind, and it is only your mental health that can detect if you are free or not. Freedom of anything always start with you thinking about it, then you will go ahead and make it happen. Now, its your mental health that can determine that you are free or not, depression, anxiety are part of the things that will tell you that you are free or not.

You see; most African, western Europe and Asian countries fought for the freedom that we have today. They hated the fact that they were held and controlled by another country, thus they found ways to gain back their freedom. In Tanzania; His Excellency the first president of the country the Late Julius Kambarage Nyerere, fought for the freedom of Tanzania. He was too tired of the country being at that time colonized by another foreign country, and the fact that even the way we did things, was their way. We were not free at all, we had to work for the ‘Masters’, that’s when the hunger for Freedom came.

Your freedom my beloved; is not the one you can scream to the world and say that you are free. Freedom starts in your mind, be liberated there first, then show it outside. Whatever that is on your mind, must manifest outside (in your actions and behaviors). To show that you are free is very hard, you need to fight for freedom first then after acquiring it, then you can claim it. What the greatest freedom fighters did; was to make sure that we were free, but you need to fight for your freedom. So it is your duty to fight for liberty in your mind then once you get it, that is when you can behave like a free man. I am also making some steps to gain my freedom in my mind; and not to let depression to rule me with fear (please refer to my article about fear).

Believe that you are enough; and it will manifest outside.

Believe that you can achieve the impossible, and you will do it.

Believe that you can make your dream come alive, and you will make it.

Believe you are a  King or Queen, and you will behave like it.

Believe that you are successful, and you will be it.”

-Hellen Felix Kibodya

You can do whatever you put your mind to.”

-Fatema Dewji

We all have 24 hours in a day, how are you using yours?

The famous people we see today, also have 24 hours as well as you my brothers and sisters. It clearly doesn’t matter on how many hours we have in a day, but what do you do with it?

The wrong myth or ideology that we have; is that we think we have time, but little do we know, it really matters on how we use the time. Do we use it positively to produce something productive or negatively and then blame it on time for not being enough. Basically there is no enough time for you to be satisfied and feel accomplished. It is okay to have dreams, but do you make them come true through the 24 hours that you have? Do you work extra hard for them or complain that you are tired?

Making your dreams come true is an issue to do with hard work and sacrifice, and that is the most essential thing that most people forget to realize. Yes, you may have dreams of being an owner of a multi-millionaire company, but in reality what are you doing about it? There is Dreamland and Reality, having a dream is from the dream land but to make it an existing thing to the physical world is reality.

My dear brothers and sisters; it is okay to aspire to be something, but you have to be ready to work hard for it. Don’t let the media fool you into thinking that there is luck, No, it is hard work nothing else. Once you fail; it doesn’t mean you stop there, but get up and try again. Proclaim all the positive words on yourself to keep moving when you fall down.

You are enough,

You are brilliant,

You are blessed,

You are perfect,

You are successful,

You are a King or Queen!

You either go hard or you go home”

-Mwantum Mkwawa

The problem is, you think you have time

-Sheria Ngowi

Find out your why, and achieve it!!

It is a rhetorical question; why are you here? Why are you pursuing this? Most of the times we know what we want, but the ‘making it true’ part is an issue. Or some of us do not know what we want, thus we don’t know what to pursue after all. Marking your territory in achieving something, also comes with the sacrifice of achieving that thing.

Challenges are there to groom you into the person you want to be tomorrow, but they are not there to make it hard for you to accomplish what you have started. They stand there as a teacher to teach you that in order to make a change, you need the long way not the short cut. Most of us want the immediate success; we know we can do something like singing or rapping or writing, so we want the world to notice and appreciate our efforts. Not knowing that challenges are there to make the path crooked, can you still walk on it?

 Don’t hate a challenge when it comes, you need to embrace them and change your perception on how you view them. You may face or come across rejection and failure, people may not see the talent you are holding. That does not mean that you don’t have the talent or you should stop pursuing it or not put efforts to make it come alive. Approval from them is not needed, it is you who sees the light at the end of the tunnel, the celebration and the trophy you will get after making your dream come true.

Why are you here? It is because you have a purpose. Why are you pursuing this? Because it is something that sets your heart on fire, it is something you are good at. Don’t wait for others to make it so you make it, you start it. Even if you fall down, pick and dust yourself and get up. Like a warrior, hold your shield and go to war, don’t look back. Other people are looking up to you, when you give up, then who are they supposed to look at? My dear brothers and sisters, wake up! Pursue what makes your heart be on fire, you are good at it? That’s great! Then go for it!

What’s hurting you is teaching you…Don’t run from it, learn from it


You are not a burden !!

Suicide attempt sounds very important for the person giving the excuses. Do not get me wrong, I mean it is an important matter but the explanation on favor for it, is not important. I want to talk about it because I had an experience on it, trust me when I say I have been there. I had all the explanations that could favor the fact that I should do it, but just sit back an think, is it worth it?

To commit suicide is a way of explaining that you are a burden, and thus you need to get rid of yourself. This is because you experience all the negative things around you; like, not having friends at school, not having a better body like the models on television e.t.c. The suicidal thoughts always are the ones which initiate the suicide attempt, once you become so depressed you start to have those thoughts. You justify your action by feeling that it is right to ‘get rid’ of yourself. 

My dear brothers and sisters, you may have a lot of reasons to show that you are right to ‘get rid’ of yourself but please take a moment and think. You are not the burden that the world makes you believe that you are, it is their words that fill your mind with negativity and doubt to a point you start to agree with them that you are not enough to pursue something. The people who love you are right there in front of you, but you cannot see them. You know why? Its because the negative words that made you feel like you are not enough to do something, have blinded you from seeing them. You cannot pursue what your heart desires, because their words have made you think that you are not good enough to pursue it. At that point you think that you are not loved at all by anyone, you think that you don’t need to make your dreams come true, thus you become justified enough that you are the burden.

YOU ARE NOT! Don’t let their words fool you into thinking the worst about yourself. Think of yourself as a tree; regardless of how the weather is, it still grows and later become a shelter for the birds and other animals and even human beings. Now you should be like a tree, keep on growing even when the negative words are spoken against you, bricks thrown against you, seek for help, talk to the ones who love and care for you. Do what sets your heart on fire, make your dreams come true. Because it is only you who sees the success and the light at the end of the tunnel, not them nor their words. Have something in your mind to motivate you and to keep moving. Once you overcome this; you will start to see that, their words were just nothing but a camouflage that you had to overcome.

According to the statistics; closer to 800,000 people die due to suicide every year, only you and me can stop this rate. 


“Coz they don’t want to see you winning, unless it is televised”

-Yeyo, The Miracle Child 

“What matters is what you think of YOURSELF!! What “they” think of you is irrelevant!!

#YouFirst #believeinyourself #jiamini”

-Frankie Matson

Learn how to say NO!

It is a two letter word, but it has power within it. It does not only mean to reject something; but also, to refuse to be treated like that thing. When they tell you their story, you would easily say; Why not report them? But in reality, if you were on their shoes you would find it hard to use the word no.
In my depression phrase; was the time I never used that word, NO. This is because I did not want to be seen as a rebel or be the centre of attention. I think that is the reason people feel it is so hard to say no. Sometimes being the centre of attention negatively affect people because they are not in a position to say no. This is because; they do not feel like they fit the spotlight, it is better for them to hide away than express themselves. They are waiting for a voice to keep on reminding them consistently, that even applause is for them.
I would want to talk to you my beautiful brothers and sisters, I have been there that is why I feel that I can talk from experience. If you do not love something, please do not settle for less. We lower down our values to please a group of people or just a person. Think of yourself as a tree, you are high up. A tree does not care what people are saying about it, it just grows and become shelter for the birds. You should always think like that, you are the voice of someone, so if you degrade yourself who will speak for them?
You need to stand your grounds, and speak your mind. Like a warrior hold your shield, become someone who nobody expected you will be. Your talent and voice is needed, you need to wake up and start today. Do not wait for validation from anyone, you are enough.

Please take your time to watch this video on YouTube please. It has helped me; I believe, it will help you too.

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